Research & Development

Tosoh’s aim is to contribute to technical and scientific progress of the sector overall, and in particular to perfect EMD intended for use in high discharge batteries suitable for apparatus requiring a lot of power in a short time in order to operate.

Research is led by global scientific and technical developments, and is primarily focused on the needs of battery manufacturers, aiming to assist them in perfecting their final product.

The endeavours of Tosoh’s R&D Department seek to ensure a continuous improvement in the quality of the EMD manufactured, while also improving the overall production process from treatment of raw material to packaging of the end product, to more effective use of materials, energy and natural resource savings and a reduction in manufacturing by-products.

Key research into EMD is carried out at the Tosoh Corporation’s International Technology Centre in Nanyo, Japan. The results of research are initially implemented at the Tosoh production plant at Hyuga and are then adopted by Tosoh Hellas.

Our plant at Sindos has a lab and large pilot unit for simulating electrolysis and final product processes and a state-of-the-art chemical lab which is fully fitted out with high-tech instrumentation that allows specialised analyses to be carried out. It is manned by experienced scientific staff with university or technological training who work to ensure the quality of EMD and for the development of new products.

The lab and its equipment are also made available to universities and research bodies for educational purposes, and given the high-tech involved and degree of specialisation of the instrumentation we have, we frequently carry out analyses for other bodies in the context of scientific partnerships that have been developed.