Tosoh Hellas’ production is strictly controlled and safeguarded using state-of-the-art pollution-control systems that cover all plant operations, thereby effectively minimising the environmental impact.

The Company’s Quality & Environmental Management Department constantly monitors international developments in environmental law and environmental technologies to integrate cutting edge solutions and best practices in the plant.

Tosoh Hellas has:

  • Equipment that reduces dust emission levels (electrostatic filters, air separator sack filters);
  • Equipment that reduces odour emissions (hydrogen sulphide absorptions stack, electrolysis facilities de-odorisation system);
  • Equipment that reduces noise emissions (silencers);
  • A solid waste treatment plant; and
  • A liquid waste treatment plant.

The company also participates in a packaging management scheme and recycles paper, wood, aluminium, plastic, mineral oils, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, tyres, etc and collaborates with the appropriate bodies to allow such recycling to take place.