Human Resources

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The most important investment a company can make is in its people. 

Our philosophy is based on viewing Tosoh Hellas as one large family, and our operating and efficiency principles derive from that perception of things:

  • We offer lifetime employment;
  • We offer continuous training; and
  • We attach added importance to collaboration and in-house communication on all matters.

In the period 2008-2010, people who had supported Tosoh Hellas from its establishment, came to the end of their career. We wish the new members of our team, a long and mutually beneficial collaboration with us.

Tosoh Hellas employs a staff of 100 today.

At Tosoh Hellas training and education of our staff is something we constantly promote, and is a definitive factor for the effective operation of the company and its continuing growth.

The aim of our diverse training activities is to ensure quality, safeguard the environment and employee health & safety, ensure the safe use of equipment, make staff familiar with new technologies and promote the career development of each employee so that he can take on new roles and competences.

The main training methods we use are on-the-job training and in-house seminars and we attach particular importance on induction training.

All training activities are combined with employees rotating between departments at the plant so that they will acquire experience of the overall production process and an idea about how the company works.

We strongly urge our employees to acquire various professional practice certificates to ensure their own career advancement.

Tosoh Hellas invests capital in training its staff in addition to the resources provided by the Greece State (the 0.45% LAEK Fund contribution) and has standing relationships with various training bodies.

Training is regularly provided on the following topics:

  • Technical Issues
  • Fire safety
  • H&S at work
  • Medicine and first aid
  • Company ISO management systems
  • Battery technology and developments
  • Financial, administrative, labour relations issues

Tosoh Hellas has developed and is constantly improving an attractive package of benefits. The most important are listed below:

  • Group life / accident insurance for our staff.
  • Transportation for employees to and from our facilities.
  • Free annual check-up for all staff.
  • Group Medicare for employees and their families.
  • A blood bank in collaboration with the employee’s trade union.
  • Social events and dinners.
  • Customary gifts for staff every Christmas and Easter, and especially so for the young children of employees.
  • Financial assistance, when needed, as part of a flexible, favourable pay package.

At Tosoh Hellas we invest in people with knowledge and determination, and we entrust the company’s growth and development to them.

If you are interested in joining our team or in acquiring professional experience in technical, administrative or financial issues as part of a work experience scheme, please fill out the contact form or send an expression of interest by email to [email protected].